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Server Room Air Conditioning

Server Room Air Conditioning is one of the biggest challenges in the IT industry – computers both produce large amounts of heat and are sensitive to air temperature changes, resulting in a need for an external cooling solution, in order for your computers to run efficiently. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to your I.T. system reliability.

server room air conditioning

Central to the cooling solution of your facility is the need to understand the temperature control needs of your server rooms, and how to control the airflow to negate hot-spots while maximising airflow efficiency. Given that temperature control within the IT sector can be the biggest consumer of power for your business, it’s important to ensure you are managing your air con system effectively to ensure it’s having the desired effect and not simply boosting the size of your power bill!

There are many types of server room air conditioning systems available. These range from CRAC units, CRAH units, Door units, top of rack units and the list goes on.

Why you need an efficient cooling system provider

  • Efficient cooling will result in efficiency of your data centre.
  • Decrease in costs.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • Less power on cooling providing additional power for I.T.

I.T. Air offers the following solutions:

  • Chilled water systems.
  • Free-cooling solutions.
  • 24/7 call out maintenance.
  • Specialised air conditioning equipment.
  • Process coolers.
  • I.T. Air Health checks.
  • I.T. control systems.

I.T. Air specialises in the supply and installation of innovative and intelligent solutions for air conditioning and air treatment that is gentler on the environment as well as your system.

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