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Increase your bottom line with climate control services

In the competitive world of IT Services, adding value to your client offering is vital to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Remote monitoring of server rooms or other critical environments is a great way to increase your revenue stream, whilst providing a better outcome for your clients.

Thankfully, there are inexpensive and proven climate control solutions available from AVTECH to fit this need. Not only does this provide enhanced service delivery potential to your business, it has the real value to your client by preventing IT disasters caused by environmental changes.

Climate Control Solutions

AVTECH offers Room Alert  – Climate Control solutions and software for IT temperature and environment management. Digital monitoring equipment allows you to track temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, room entry, air flow and more in their server rooms, data centres or wherever you need them. Users can log and graph data, send alerts when conditions change, take automatic action to shut down servers or start backup systems when issues occur; all managed through a web interface via a single IP address.
AVTECH Room Alert 32E Home climate control

Adding AVTECH Climate Control solutions to your business has real benefits to both you and your clients:

  • Enhanced revenue stream to your service offering.
  • Increased profits with little extra cost.
  • Enhance your business image as being leading edge.
  • Improve your clients’ businesses through lower costs of operation and less repairs & maintenance.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Convenience of automated, remote monitoring via the cloud.
  • Reduced worry around maintaining higher up-time on IT systems.

For more information on how AVTECH can help you and your clients improve bottom line profits, fill out the form on the right and download the guide.


AVTECH Room Alert Guide

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