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Air Con Repair & Maintenance

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I.T. Air offers quality air conditioning services, including Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance, to the Auckland region, with a team of experienced staff members providing a high standard of service. Read More

Commercial Air Conditioning

commercial air conditioning service homeI.T. Air offers high-quality commercial air conditioning services to the Auckland region. I.T. Air’s team consist of experienced staff members who provide a high standard of service. Read More

Data Centre Cooling

data centre cooling homeThere are many types of data centre cooling systems available. These range from CRAC units, CRAH units, Door units, top of rack units and more. We know temperature control is vital to creating optimum conditions for efficient computer function. Read More

I.T. Air – The Commercial Air Conditioning Service Experts

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At I.T. Air, we take pride in what we do and how we do it. We offer quality air conditioning services, including commercial air conditioning, data centre and server room air conditioning service, to the Auckland region. Our specialisation is in the supply and installation of innovative, intelligent solutions for air conditioning and air treatment that is more friendly to the environment and your I.T. system.

As an independent company and not being aligned with any single manufacturer, our design team is able to select the best product for your specific project. We always put our customers as our main priority and we always strive to provide the best services for our customers.

The Commercial Air Conditioning Service Experts at I.T. Air are Here to Help You!

Being experts in the air conditioning services, we realise how important it is to always keep your air conditioning equipment well-maintained. Running a regular maintenance schedule for all your equipment has many benefits, but the biggest reason is definitely overall lower air conditioning energy costs. Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioning as efficiently as possible.

With that in mind, I.T. Air offers regular services from our skilled maintenance team at no cost when you purchase an air conditioning unit through I.T. Air. Our commercial air conditioning units are monitored and maintained to the highest standard, as we pride ourselves in efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable air conditioning units.

I.T. Air – Total Peace of Mind for Your Air Conditioning Systems

Our commercial air conditioning maintenance & repairs services also guarantee you a total peace of mind – should you have any issues or questions about your air conditioning system, our dedicated team will always be available to assist you. The engineers and the companies we use are selected for best practice and knowledge in the industry.

Here at I.T. Air, our aim is to create the perfect environment for our clients and their equipment. With our positive attitude, knowledge and experience, we tailor the best solution for your commercial air conditioning and I.T. cooling systems for your specific needs.

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